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Welcome to Neopia! We are committed to let regular users like yourself buy neopoints, the rarest items, Neopets, and accounts. Neopia spends our time on Neopets, using our knowledge to make Neopoints to help others. All purchases are made through Paypal, and they are insured under Paypal's Buyer Protection Policy for up to $2000 dollars!

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When you buy Neopoints, Neopets items, or Neopets accounts from Neopia, purchases are delivered almost instantly. Most orders are delivered within a few hours, we guarantee all purchases will be delivered in just 16 hours! With the reputation Neopia has established, our loyal customers always come back to buy Neopoints & more. It's good to ask questions before you buy from Neopia, we want you to feel confident. So if you have any questions please send us an email here.

Latest News

September 1, 2011

It's been more than one year since Neopia opened it's site for customers! And since then we have made countless Neopians into NeoMillionaires! What are you waiting for? buy neopoints now!

July 27, 2010

Check out the new items we are selling at Neopia! We are giving out a free Paint Brush when you buy Neopoints or items! This offer won't last long, so hurry and buy some items today!

July 7, 2010

At Neopia, we have just redesigned our website layout, and we are having our grand opening sale! You can become a NeoMillionaire today, so buy neopoints, and don't forget to tell all of your friends!


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Thank you Neopia!

'Out of no where 'ghosts' turned my neopet invisible. When I looked at the cost to purchase a paintbrush and return it to the orginal color, I was shocked! So I purchased enough NPs from you to fix everything. I will definately use you again.'


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'I wanted to say thanks Neopia, for the excellent service! I tried to buy Neopoints before, but I got scammed by another, more expensive site. After that, I was skeptical to buy Neopoints, or Neopets items.. but Neopia was quick, effective and very affordable! Thank you again, I will be back soon to buy Neopoints!'

-Nicole C, Australia

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Thank You,
-Jimmy B, USA

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'I have spent many months trying to become a Neopets NeoMillionaire, but it was just too hard. I decided to buy Neopoints; I made a purchase of 4 million Neopoints and went to sleep. When I woke up, they had sent me my Neopoints and I became a NeoMillionaire overnight!! Thanks again Neopia!'

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'It was my first time ordering from and I am extremely satisfied. Not only did I get the neopoints I ordered but since I ordered during a promotion I got a free paint brush! I will be a returning customer!!'

-Megan, USA

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'This was my first time buying Neopoints over at Neopia, at first I was scared so I was hesitant to buy. But as soon as I bought 1 million Neopoints I couldn't believe I was just a millionaire in just one quick click! After spending years just trying to gather neopoints, Neopia makes it all the easier and much more fun. I was glad to found Neopia and trust that I'll be coming back for more.'
-Niv R.

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Neopia is Paypal verified... This means that when you are buy Neopoints or anything from Neopia, you have a buyers protection from PayPal of up to $2000 USD! It is secure, fast, and easy to buy Neopoints from Neopia, so why not grab some Neopoints and become a NeoMillionaire today?

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Neopia offers a 16 hour guaranteed delivery time! When you buy Neopoints at Neopia, we normally delivery your within purchase within a few hours. You could become a NeoMillionaire overnight!

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Neopia understands how hard trust is over the internet, especially when you buy Neopets related items. If you have any questions at all when you buy Neopoints we encourage you to ask away!

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Whether you want to buy Neopoints, buy Neopets items, or buy Neopets accounts, we have everything you need to become successful on Neopets! Neopia has you covered!

The world of Neopia

What is the world of Neopia? Well the wonderful world of Neopia on Neopets is made up of 19 different lands, which range from Neopia Central, the heart of Neopia, to the secret wobbly Jelly World. There is tons to do in the Neopia world, including snagging items from the Money Tree to stealing treasure from the Snowager! Be sure to explore of of it, and be prepared with some Neopoints and items to fight off enemies! Coupons

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